Caleb Bron

Jack of all trades, master of none.

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Although initially starting off as a designer, my career continues to shift towards a more technical path. While I still love typography and color palettes, my day to day work lies about 80% on server side technology. I fell in love with Ruby-On-Rails in late 2010 and never looked back. Now I'm consistenly exploring all the glorious new technologies the web never seems to get enough of. Backbone.js and other front-end frameworks are also starting to play are more consistent role in my work. Of course the good-ol-boys like Python (my first language) and PHP never seem to disappear either. I still find time for both design and Linux administration on the side, but usually just for fun.

I currently reside in Phoenix by way of Washington State, but I doubt my restless nature will allow me to have a permanent home for quite some time. Feel free to drop me a line through the contact button above, or of course twitter.