That almost rhymed. I was hosting my personal site on digital ocean, whom I still like, but it was just overkill. I really only have static content and it was rare I used it for other things like a personal VPN. On the otherside my octopress blog was hosted on github pages. Octopress is ok but in the end it was too much of a hassle to write from multiple computers and publish it, then commit and push to multiple branches. It became annoying and I kinda stopped blogging.

Then I fell in love with flask and python and thought about consolidating everything on one site, and now here I am on pelican. So far it is simpler and easier. Just a single branch and a separate folder for the published content, the theme lives in my repo, etc...

for x in y:
    print "and it still has syntax highlighting with pygments"

Eventually I will publish it to github and write another post about the cost. I am leaving all the old posts on github pages so the disqus comments don't disappear, they are all listed on the tech page.